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Books for self-tuition:

My thanks to the former Managing Director Mr. Jean-Claude Peissel,
in The artists´Book Club Ltd, for splendid help from 1986 to 1989.

Books about drawings + +:

Draw, how to master the art by Jeffery Camp 1981
Drawing architecture a creative approach by Paul Hogarth 1979
Drawing by sea and river by John Croney 1985
Drawing the female figure by Joseph Sheppard 1981
Drawing figure movement by John Croney 1983
Drawing seeing & observation by Ian Simpson 1982
Drawing the figure by Stan Smith and Linda Wheeler 1983
Drawing the living figure by Joseph Sheppard 1984
Drawing the male figure by Joseph Sheppard 1979
Encyclopaedia of drawing materials, technique and style by Clive Ashwin 1982
Figure drawing workshop by Carole Katchen 1985
by Paidon Press Limited 1981
How to draw horses by Sam Savitt 1981
How to draw what you see by Rudy De Reyna 1972
Learn to sketch by Alwyn Crawshaw 1983
The Da Vinci Notebooks by Profile Books 2005
Leonardo da Vinci Szkice i zapiski by Paragon Books Ltd 2006 (Purchased in Krakow 2008)
Lessons from Michelangelo Figure drawing based on techniques of the master by Michael Burban 1986
Life drawing in carcoal by Douglas R. Graves 1979
Nature drawing a tool for learning by Clare Walker Leslie 1980
Rendering in pen and ink by Arthur L. Guptill 1976
Rendering in pencil by Arthur L. Guptill 1977
Rembrandt the master & his workshoop drawings & etchings edited by Sally Salvesen 1991
Reclining figure and torso Henry Moore 1986
Rubens selected drawings by Julius S. Held 1986 The figure in motion by Watson-Guptill 1986

Books in Norwegian or Danish language:

Odd Nerdrum Kulltegninger Publishing by Tanum - Nordli a/s 1978
Ridley Borchgrevink Dyretegninger Publishing by Tanum - Nordli a/s 1978
Tegning som hobby by Gunnar Wefring, 1954
The natural Way to Draw by Anne Nicolaides, 1987
Ulf Aas tegninger Publishing by Tanum - Nordli a/s 1979
Å tegne er å se by Betty Edwards 1979

Both Drawing and painting + more:
A handbook of art techniques by Roy Sparkes 1981
Anatomy lessons from the great masters by Robert Beverly Hale and Terency Coyle 1977
Anatomy perspective and composition for the artist by Stan Smith 1984
Artists´materials by Ian Hebblewith 1986
Art school Consultant editor Colin Saxton by QED Publishing Limited 1981
Developing ideas in artwork by Stephen Doherty 1988
Drawing and painting buildings by Ray Evans 1983
Drawing and painting the trees by Adrian Hill 1980
Drawing and painting the portrait by Quill Publishing Limited 1983
Gray´s anatomy Henry Gray, F.R.S. 1975
How to draw and paint what you see by Ray Smith 1984
How to paint and draw by Bodo W. Jaxtheimer 1962
Learn to paint with pastels by John Blockley 1980
Painting & drawing skies by Norman Battershill 1981
Planning your painting Step-by-step by Carole Katchen 1988
Sketching & painting out of doors by Adrian Hill P.P.R.O.I.,R.B.A. 1977
The artist at work by Alwyn Crawshaw 1984
The artist´s handbook of materials and techniques by Ralph Mayer 1982
The artist´s studio book by Ricard Seddon 1983

Books in Norwegian or Danish language:

Anvendt kunstanatomi by Einar Granum in OKHauges own library, Publishing by H. Aschehoug & Co 1987
Coling Hayes: Den store boken om maling tegning og grafikk Publishing by H. Aschehoug & Co 1980
Gyldendals kunsthåndbok En komplett guide til maling og tegning materialer og teknikker Publishing by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag ASA 1999
Henry Gasser´s Hvordan tegne å male Publishing by Fredhøis Forlag, Oslo, 1966
Jeg tegner og maler Fargeblyanter , Utstyr teknikker og øvelser for å lære tegning med fargeblyanter Publishing by Teknologisk Forlag, Oslo 1991
Kunstnernes håndbok by Ray Smith 1998
Tegne-male, et komplett kurs by Teknologisk Forlag A/S, Oslo 1992
Sådan tegner og maler man by David Armitage 1987
Tegn & mal by Undervisningsredaksjonen Fjernsynet NRK, 1991
Vi tegner å maler by Einar Granum, Publishing by H. Aschehoug & Co 1978
Painting tip for the novice in oil painting by Odd K. Hauge
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