The Smile Palette Honor
The smile palett honor by Odd K. Hauge

Comments, the year 2004:

In the last year 2004 get three browsers the "SPH". 
When I for the first time try Opera do the speed impress me, but also that to see more than one windows at the same time (tiled browsing). The one thing I like mostly with Mozilla is this browser`s ability to build and edit web page. Firefox is the last built of these browsers. I like the way this browser work with password and the way it  display the pages source code.
The speed it work with is also good.

"Web editors"
Open Office is an open source program and I mean some really good programmers is doing a great work here.
WebWriter is a stone software from Denmark by the eminent programmer Steen Hjelmstrand.
I use these programs and Arachnophilia when I need some more web tools than that of Mozilla.

Go to this softwares homepage and you will see a lot of good software. Three of this is also free.
Some thing I like with this bayed softwares is that you there will get free upgrade and support for life.

[ CoffeeCup - HTML Editor & Web Hosting ]

Photo Album software:
JAlbum is a pure photo album software with a lot of design possibilities readymade.

Including Jalbum get six photo programs the SPH
I like Pixia because it is good to auto correct the photos. Pixia has also good catalog browsing of images.     
EasyPeg has good photo editing tools and also a good photo album software.
XnView  sup rice me with its big language package, also the good Norwegian :) I do like to browse after photos with this software. It is also easy to made a new catalog witin this program and that do I like good. 
In PhotoFiltre do I like the way it there is possible to see many pictures. This software has also a good tool to check for new plugins and updates.
Irfanview have the most. Yes, it is very comprehensive, but I my selves use mostly the batch tools here. This software is also free.

End remarks:

These twelve softwares has now three good thing together:
All of these twelve softwares, named here, has a free variant, for personal use, if not complete free.
2.: They do all seem to continues to become better.

3.: They have now all get the Smile Palette Honour :)


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