Tore og NRK-serie for Magnus 1990

Tore og NRK program Magnus 1990Tore og NRK-Program Magnus 1990

Our son and people from NRK making series for Magnus in 1990

My small warning story

by painter Odd K. Hauge

Museum visits can be just as peaceful as we think, but one have to practice a bit care.
If not can this as happened me, for some years ago, also happen you is I afraid for.
This, my small warning-story, has it origin back to 1990.
Our eldest son, had then just, become a winner in a nationwide drawing competition.
When we was in the middle of the enjoyment of his drawing-prize,
as was a trip to London for him and one of his parents, do this happened.
We determined to pay the National Gallery a visit, as we both was interesting in art and drawing.
 Our walking through the rooms there seems to be the pleasure we want it to be, but so do this arise.:
Baster”, a loudly shout easy audibly and then the loud of a running person. We turn around and  become
 aware of the watchman coming running strait on to us. He stopped, taking a look on me, and ask: “
are you from Norway?” My answer was yes, he then stand still, for a moment, so do he turned around
 and waking away. Now, dear reader, why do you think this episode could come into being?
 I think the watchman only don his job. From the distend and the directions the watchman first see us was it impossible for him to see that my sketch book, as I used to explain some details in the painting we looking at,
was completely harmless and not as near the painting as he think it was.
I think the watchman immediately become a little shocking and therefore,
for him I suggest, a little unusual action. So, dear visitor, be carfull if you want to study and learning
 about drawing in peace ;o).

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