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Two on the mother's side with national dress

Before the year 2000 do I make some portraits.

Not many, if compared to these “portrait artists”
I met on Charles Bridge or on Montmartre, but between seventy  to hundred portraits do I think it become.
I feel portrait painting then was some special and giving me one challenge I really enjoyed.
The knowledge I get through my portrait paintings, has also speeding up my painting time.

My portrait-works count:
Roughly  47 portraits in oil, about 17 portraits in drawing, 6 portraits in water color and 2 portraits in pastel“.
Of these portraits is approximately sixteen of children and four of these is girls.
Among the rest of my portrait-works is ten from the mother's side.
These persons, I have made portrait of, is mostly from Norway, but also a couple from Denmark and Russia.
My nearest family is the biggest group, as has posed for me (Include my selves ;o))
and then come my friends.
The probably most known persons, as I have made portrait of  is:
Ole Gabriel Ueland,  Johan I Holm, Gunnar Berge, Arne Larsen Økland, Dag Sørensen
and Lauritz Hansen.

Portraits by painter Odd K. Hauge
Portraits of three musicians by me.

Hauge on steps

Painting tip for the novice in oil painting by Odd K. Hauge
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My email: oddkh@kunst.no

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