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Welcome to the poster

Walter T Foster publications 

                             If you need some tips about quick sketching,
take a look at the

 book   no115 by artist Paul Coze, if this,
"how to draw" book, are there still.
                            This software is free and good. 
                             You can take a test here:
The Arachnophilia and documentation

Good bacalhau
 they have in the restaurant
                        Acacarola in Cascais,
                             Visitors from 119 different countries have visited this site,
                        and 173 flags is collected.
                             The most visited page has been the home page.
           The second visited page are that with links to free software.
                           The latest picture  on my corner is generally to see in:

The Month Photo calendar.

                             This calendar start in January 2003 and it is still the place where                                         other than me display most photos, on my corners.
                              This collection, from start January 2003 to December 2007,
 consist of sixty photos both as thumbnails and as photos.

This collection can also be displayed as a sideshow.

five year Jubilee Collection, 2003 – 2007.


                            To you who have sent me photo/photos to
the Month Photo Calendar.
You who have linked to my site.

                             Some expert say that god links to your page can help your site to a                                   better ranking, and I believe that.


                              Thanks to all of you, who have cominginside my corner and                                             welcome back.



           From the menu will you reach my galleries with                     paintings, and my album with watercolours and              sketches. The menu has also links to galleries in Prague,  England and Norway.

Bon Appetit

    The Bon Appetit is for you with
interests in
cheerful eating places
in Berlin, Portugal and Prague.

Painting Tips

If you, the novice painter,
are searching for painting tips,
 then look to Odd´s Corner.
Free lessons is just waiting for you.


          The oldest photo album here is The Month 
Photo Calendar.
Among my own is here also
photos end to me from
some good
programmers and from some
specially invited.


           The program pages has links to shareware and free                  programs. The most of these is relating image/ photo.
                       Invitation  to good gallery's to shown and exhibition some of my paintings

Welcome to all who came to visit my corners

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