M/S "Northland"

Her  med M/S "Northland" startet "Min blå bølge".

I yngre dager på sjøen

Som ung hadde jeg en maritim periode som jeg gjerne omtaler som "Min blå bølge".
Perioden startet med at jeg 10. august 1966 mønstret på M/S "Northland"
og sluttet med at jeg mønstret av M/S "Hystein" november 1971.

Her på mitt hjørne kalt Odd´s Corner vil en finne foto og tekniske opplysninger
 om båtene, noen foto av sjømenn og enkelte fortellinger om

noen av mine opplevelser i "Min Blå bølgen".


 Football player, 7 sea  club
 Skiing in the navy
Me to the right in Japan 1970
The capable photographer is second officer on M/S Vestan. In Japan 1970
 From left: The electrician then the telegraphist and the repairman(me)  to the right.
My compliments to all those  brave  seamen I was meeting  at sea.

Boats in Royal Norwegian Navy:

In the Navy

O/S Farm
O/S Farm fra rundt 1962, org. i Marinemuseets fotosamling
A photo inside The Norwegian Navalmuseum photocollection
Sign on as: all right! perhaps well-known  as  draughtsman  Dandy
Brann,Kjekk,Odd,Blink crests
Brann, Kjekk, Odd, Blink Sign on as assistant engineer 
My first meeting  with such an boat was as an participant  
in an parade at an  launching.

My last trip, on such boat, was to Sweden 1969.
I assume Sweden wanted a closer look at these boats
before  they acquired their  own.

Painting by Odd K. Hauge ( 
draughtsman Dandy ) with title:
The blue mermaid in Vila do Conde

Mermaid in north og Portugal, a painting by Odd K. Hauge
In good old days ;o)

Steinfalk og siden Hystein
Her endte "Min blå bølge" og dessverre endte også båten tragisk ca. 2 mnd. etter.
Hele den dramatiske historien kan du lese mer om i Stavanger Aftenblad nr.16 Torsdag 20. januar 1972

In younger days at sea

As a young man I had a maritime period as I like to refer to as "My Blue Wave".
The period started with me 10 August 1966 signed on M / S "Northland"
and ended with that I signed off M / S "Hystein" in November 1971.
Here in my corner called Odd's Corner will find photos and technical details
  on boats, some photo of sailors and some stories about
some of my experiences in "My Blue Wave".


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