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Menu for Odd's corners

The nice new menu, which I acquired October 22 this month, to be displayed at the top of this page is of the Sothink HTML menu 9.80 build 945 you can earn yourself $ 55.99 + VAT.
Unfortunately, I had forgotten how demanding it was to get this "dingsen" to work. The first time I bought such a was over ten years ago.
When the menu again becomes visible here, due to the fact that technical assistance from the manufacturer has been a great help and it pops up quickly,
they have also been very fast because it was only on yesterday 24 October that I applied for the help.
A few years ago, I also got help from Sothink, and for that reason a prominent horse salute was fired as a thank-you for the handshake.
 Expect to hear a salute for them also this time if the help comes.Well, the help did not come today,
but the old man found out, so there is no new salute for Sothink this time.

The OKH mini menu

From gallery Chess
From gallery Chess 25.10.2017