self-portrait, by pencil drawing, by OKHauge

Self-portrait  by Odd K. Hauge

>If you want to see something more splendid ;o) than my face please follow this link <

The step I get for to raise my level regarding drawing and painting

From 1967 to yesterday

Perhaps my steps also can be to help for you, as want to learn more about drawing and painting?


The steps:

         *My début as a draughtsman was in the Christmas edition of Farm (And), 1967
           and my début as “painter” was also at the same time, in the navy.
           This painting motive was of one clown.
    * Short in-jump in the classroom on university college (Stavanger), where artist Stanislav                 D ombrovski education in drawing, 1982
    * A semester on university college (Stavanger), in Modern Art History, authum 1982

    * Course(7) in drawing and painting with Tim Havers, FRSA, London, 18 mnd 1983 - 1984

    * Course in drawing with artist Tor Sverd Sørensen on Undheim, Rogaland 1988

    Course in drawing(8) at the art school Rogaland with artist Kristoff Nasilowski 1988

    * Short in jump in the ICS Course no LAN0602 – 1989
          * Picture criticism from Artist Ronald Lengauer through project in Stavanger art society.
   Of course these four artists named above was also giving my works some  correcting 
             so as one conclusion  will I say five  good artists  have giving me straight guidance in drawing,                painting or both of these topics. 
          * Self-tuition: From 1977 to yesterday by reading books, news and magazines, study of                         posters, art prints, vhs, cd/dvd, and arts in museums and gallery s, talk with artists and at last carry on drawing, painting and experiments.

More details about these steps follow:

My assortment of books, find oneself in my library, as I have used for self-tuition:
> Books about drawings and both drawing/painting + more<
>The books about painting in oil and watercolour<

Magazines, news, posters, calendars, CD and
slides can also be worth a glance,
but is afraid that the VHS I acquired from England is worn-out today .
Here some magazines I own as seems to have become popular:
The magazines (9) here is:
  • "How to draw" art books published by Walter Foster Art Books,

  • 430 West sixth street, Tustin, California 92680 USA

  • The Leonardo collection published by Il Prisma Editions, Via Vincenzo Foppa 14, 20144

  • Milan, Italy

  • The artist by The Artist Publishing Co. LTD, 102 High Street, Tenterdent, Kent TN306HT

  • Kunst for alle, Pb Kjelsås, 1411 Oslo Norway


    Stavanger Afteblad(10)

    Art calendars(11)

    Art prints:(12)

>Some museums and gallery I visit, my CD/DVD, VHS and about my tuition. <


The Artists´Book Club from March 1981 to August 1989

The South Eastern & International Federation of Art Societies 1982
Bryne art society
Serigstad art society
Kunstperspektiv Rogaland, Stavanger

My addition/commentary:
(1) I do not mean that this, may way choice, only is a trip on the highway, more likely
a combination on that an a walk on a mountain path.
(2) I recommend such visits. The drawing course I get by Tor Sverd Sørensen was running in his studio.
(3) To speaking with the artist, out there, can also get you tip/INFO e.g. where the best art equipment shop is in that city. I have even ended up with to buy the studio chair the artist was sitting on ;o)
(4) On this page is mostly the museum named. You will find my gallery links on my front-page.
(5) Museums is also a place where you can shop good books. I use that, but none of these is displayed here. Mostly do I buy some of theirs exhibit catalogues.
(6) I myself have now work from these artists in Norway: Kjell Pahr-Iversen, Herbert Thoma, K. Bjørnstad, Werner Otto Lichtenberg, Jens Erland.
I also own works from Prague, Barcelona, Lisbon, Faro, Gudhjem, Svaneke and Chinese artists.
(7) Bellow courses in the artist´s marketplace 1983 wrote Tim Havers:
"Learn the professional attitudes and techniques.
I can be your tutor for 18 months and teach you a full art school syllabus in a
series of comprehensive illustrated lessons by post. Constant assessment
and advice to speed the development of your own style.
All mediums taught."
I think I here was on the highway, see comment (1)

(8) Sure, this was definitively a drive on the autobahn, with international artist as teacher and with models .

(9) My walk in the mountains, but for a tramp,
just like a Christmas when the book parcels was coming from Walter T. Foster, California.
(10) For some years ago do I use to archive drawings from the newspapers, as I like.
Still do people remember the good drawings in the Newspaper “Stavanger Aftenblad
by the draughtsman and illustrator Henry Imsland.
(11) Sometimes is it possible to shop good calenders in the museums. My two preferred calendar do I shop in Italy. Drawings by Leonardo is on the front cover and through the hole calendar. The calenders is from the year 1998 and 2000. Distribution Tel. 06/39726080-39726079 and
(12) I like these art prints made, as I get for some years ago, by Kunstkreis Luzern, in 1964.
The Posterbooks (1993), made by Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH Hohenzollernring 53, D-50672 Koln, can I also recommend.
Painting tip for the novice in oil painting by Odd K. Hauge
Online art equipments shops
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