The West Side Gallery in Visby, Gotland

Where I am tagging my own paintings;o)

About this exhibition

This exhibition has thirty works
and mostly all of these is oil paintings.
The themes is:
artist, belief, flowers, .
The exhibit has works as, stretch above nineteen years,
is execution in an naturalistic fashion.
In “The West side Gallery”above use I painting knife.
but in this exhibition do I, mostly, use brushes.
You will see both vertical and horizontal pictures,
in small to medium size,
but happily,
only one high quality price

Specially for this exhibition

is that all, who sign the guest book,
will participate in the lottery of
three works,
among six.

Good luck. (ho – ho)

Earlier have I visit The Dalane region
(with pictures)
in 1983 and 1995. This is my first
exhibition in Egersund and I do now
look forward to meet you,


Oops, I was nearby to forget telling
about the splendid Christmas exhibition
this town is celebrated for,
so just one more reason to visit

See you :o)