Calendar 2004
June Month Photo

Eidsborg stave church near Dalen, Telemark

From this  photo and out this calender  is  all photos  with motives from Telemark.  You will probably  not have
much wrong if you mean I am an Telemark fan :-) . In earlier year,  when our children do travel with us, do we  visit  Tuddal, Svartdal, Seljord and  Nissedal and I think there still is some works made by me on these places, either watercolor or drawings.
Here above do we have a shot from my favorite church near Dalen in Telemark.
The camera used is Sony DCR-PC100E and the digital photo software used is Jasc
Paint shop pro 8.
I use the xat
Image Optimizer to made all these calender photos smaller for the web.

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