Copyright ©  Richard Ditlefsen, 2003.

  Richard Ditlefsen, the saxophonist and promotive for Jaeren Dixie Band have give me the permission to show you this picture,  with these cheerfully musicians, as this month photo.  Thanks a lot Richard  (Ricky Dee). Now do I hope the pleasure these guys display will do you glad too. This band is now huge popular and as you maybe already have guess is they my favorite Dixie band.       Also this year can you hear them on The Herring Jazz Festival in Haugesund, one of the biggest International Jazz Festival in Norway.

 Young love by Richy Dee

 By H. P.Sandberg   By McGee By Baard Riiber   ByB.Cancellieri       By Miha Psenica By Richard Ditlefsen
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counter on the main corner by engineer Odd K. Hauge