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Ace and hers friend in family five in Berlin December 2009

A shot by Goyrub from Berlin, now in December 2009


In his email to me do Goyrub say: “I think "Ace" love buildings don in glass and steel more than these don in concrete and wood.” Goyrub mean they here now was in a hurry to travel back to Norway, because the family five´s black sheep wanted to do a new joke on the free advertisement in Stavanger Aftenblad regarding Odd K. Hauge´s exhibit in Gallery
Odhelis in Egersund. When I told that to painter Hauge do he answer:
“Thanks and yes, I have already seen his joke and if you look in Plus ( Newspaper: Stavanger Aftenblad) Friday 4. December page 39 at bottom right can you too see this joke by family five´s black sheep. He has there removed the paragraph between
OTTO-HUSET and ODHELIS so it natural make it more hard to see the advert for Gallery ODHELIS in
Egersund”. So fare Hauge.
Goyrub say he want to travel to Norway, he too, because he want to visit the Gallery ODHELIS.
Now, dear visitor, do you really have an all right chance to see the famous Paparazzi photographer GoyRub yourselves, if you
visit that Gallery ODHELIS, now in December.
If so, then do not forget to sign in the visitors' book , because you then also can be the winner of a painting.
the journalist Vinmun

Dear visitor, have a nice day ;o) and thanks for coming inside my corner.


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