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Vinmun (In the jury of OK Gallery ;o)))
Facebook no 1 - 19012014
From 1. January this year staff we Family FiveFacebook no 2 - 21012014
Hey, today I want to tell a little about the artist/engineer.
I is Vinmun, a member of the Family Five and the PR man for OK Gallery. 
He started with Microstation, for construction, in 1991. 
 *1.The year 2000, he had his first gallery on Geocities .......*1:
 *2. In 2003, he invited friends/ contacts to participate with. *2:
the photo in the gallery Month Photo on his main corner online.
 *3.  In 2009, he started his gallery on Flicker....................
 *4. and 2012 Gallery Chess at Bryne..............................*4
 *5 In the meantime, he has had,...................................*
 and still has several exhibitions on the Web
 *6.His main corner now is on web10nu Denmark..................*6
 At the moment we in OK Gallery have as a goal to reduce the number of 
exhibitions and to improve the quality of those we keep or restart.
Vinmun (In the jury of OK Gallery ;o)))

Facebook no 4 - 25012014  
More INFO on OK Gallery
Because we want our visitors, in a convenient way , will gain access to all the exhibits are links widely used .
Our most visited page / exhibition is also the side with the most links.
This page has long had the name : Main entrance & INFO. The black sheep in the " Family 5 " says main entrance is greatly exaggerated and he call it a kitchen entrance . The gallery's main entrance is placed at the back of the gallery flow , so BS in Fam.5 certainly have a point there: o ))) .
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Total is it here today , 25012014 , on this side 41 links.
Welcome to our main link / exhibition at our galleris initial source ;o )))
Facebook no 5 - 30012014
The large signature battle in OK Gallery
This happened once when OK Gallery Jury was assembled to judge a photo.
All members of the jury , which otherwise consists of Family Five:br> agreed that the photo was very acceptable , but when it came to the photographer inscriptions arose a most lively debate , almost as you can see here:
The black sheep , a member of Family Five, (he is colorblind and see only black and white ) came finally with this statement: Listen here all together: The signature is good and it will be noticed. He who has taken the photo is professional, he's shooting for a living .
( And his " strongly worded " ) In other words, he is no matador and you are no bulls , running around in a Spanish bullfight arena !
After this, it was quite quiet for a while and then suggested art critic Monman that they should make a vote by show of hands if they were to accept the photo in the OK Gallery.
All stretched when their hand except Monman. He did, however, suddenly that he was disqualified in the case and withdrew from the meeting .
Painter Renmon then proposed to involve painter in OK Gallery, as a supporting member of the jury, that the jury would be finally complete . It was made and a new poll ended unanimously assumption.
Art critic Monman rest came also , after thinking for a moment , he still was not incompetent in the matter,since it was not correct that his grandmother was related to the photographer, and he agreed assumption .
It is this judging which has since been referred to as the large signature battle in OK Gallery
Afterword :
When the end are good dinner is good .
Here is the link to the rated photo:

Facebook no 6 - 31012014
The smile
Small or big news? 
Today, is the comedian in "The Family Five," "The Black Sheep", one big smile. Why smile "The Black Sheep" so today?, ask the painter Renmon. Do not know reply photographer Goyrub. I know, depositor journalist Vinmun and you can see it here: 

Facebook no 7 -01022014
It is probably not advisable to give comment in this exhibition, says "Vinmun in fam.5", unless you want a good ranking in search engines like Google and other major search engines. I guess the fact that a backlink from here will be of high quality. Please check here what the experts say about the benefits

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