Water-based oil colour

Munch vannbasserte oljefarger

Indro oil, vannbaserte oljefarger

H2O made by Talens

Artisan made by W&N

Berlin by Lukas

Travel easy

Here can you see these five choice Odd K. Hauge was buying and tested when he, for some years ago, determined to go for water-based oil colour. He ended up with the Edvard Munch collection, as probably was best regarding colour fastness*, but unfortunately become the manufacturing of these stopped. If OK Hauge want to travel easy, out in the open, do he use black and white plus the three primary colour from Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld GmbH & Co ( All five from the Berlin series) together with the little hand held box showing just above here. Hauge say if he should take this test today, of water based oil colours, was probably even more manufacturers added, for instance Holbein (Japan)
*All colours was marked with five star. Hauge have now and then tested the colour fastness himselves, after tip of Ronald Lengauer, (1941 – 2006) but not with these.
Painter Renmon in family five.
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