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1.: Do you think the painter of this painting used the same brushes in his rose painting on canvas/ .....painting, like the rose painters used when he rose painted three of the objects?
2.: This painting has been exhibited in two juried
.....exhibitions. Can you guess which shows and what year?
3.: Had the painting the same framing at the exhibition, as you can see here in the mini-gallery?
4.: Was the painting on display with the same title, which is now here in the Gallery Odd ´ s eye?
5.: Has one of the other two images, which are displayed in the same gallery page as this featured .....paintings, also been exhibited at a juryert exhibition?
6.: How many different materials guessing you are in the objects that are painted? Rags , knitted .....and woven fabrics , tapestries , etc. can be regarded as a material ie fabric.
7.: Do you think the painter here think he have used , one for himself , plain statement of still life .....painting?
8.: Do you think the painter has also used a common form of light source to illuminate objects?
9.: Does the painter created some of the things he has painted here?
10.: Was the painting listed with the same price on the two jurierte exhibitions it was in?
11.: Have the painter taken with an object, in order to time attach the paint process or to tie it up .......against a prominent event in the past?
12.: Has the image been shown or mentioned in any newspapers?
13.: Does the painting gained criticism from critic?
14.: Rose painter, who rose painted three of the objects in the painting, has been portrayed by a .......known former famous artist from Stavanger , can you guess the artist's name?
15.: How many colors had the painter on his palette when he painted the painting , was it 5, 10 ----or 15 colors ?
16.: Have painter experimented with painting and manufacturing of water colors?
17.: Have the painter made his own paste, painting-grundering, paints, mediums and grated his .......own oil colors?

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint,"
then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Gogh

Are you ready for a quiz? The first questions are affiliated painting titled : From a Norwegian Attic  in gallery  Odd´s Eye and the last is related to methods, painter of the painting have used or are using.

The answers to the questions that were raised just to the left here in this table:


1.: The answer is yes, rose painter who painted lacking tree,
....serving tray and the round dish was the painter's father in law Jon Valand Andreassen.

2.: It was first exhibited at the Western Fair in 1995 and the following year at Sørland exhibition.

3.: No, since the painting was to be carried around, the equipment with a sturdy frame, even made by the painter. ....Probably the frame was in better harmony with the objects in the painting. This frame is not displayed here, but ....in both exhibition catalogs are the painting photographed with this framework.
4: The answer is no, the first show had the title Bondevennen -94 and Bond fanaticism was the name it had on ....Sørland exhibition.

5.: Yes, " From the Artist 's Studio I" was in 1994 with the Vestlandsutstillingen.

6.: Approx. 16. Some of the materials are hidden under
.....paints, and the painter's hand is also seen
.....indirectly in the mirror, so you have to use some discretion.
.....Materials : Wood (there are several kinds of wood,
.... but three hold) particle board, plywood,
.....hard huntonittplate, cloth, plastic wood/ plastic ( serving tray ), wrought iron, glass ( mirror), cardboard, .....paper ( the flag), rope, tin (labeled ), skin ( in the mirror ), steel ( screw on the easel ) wool, gypsum ( .....decoration on the mirror frame) .

7.: No, in the painter's online galleries are there only one another painting, where the things coated are placed .....directly on the floor, but already in 1987, seven years before this painting was painted, used the painter  this .....statement in a  stillebenmaleri .The most common statement painter uses with his still lifes
painting shown here , the objects on the table and simple spotlight.

In the attic studio to Odd K. Hauge
8.; No, here the painter used a stronger
.....work lamp at 500w , while instead
.....used the usual "object illumination "
.....( hissing lamp / s) working for work
.....on the canvas.

9.: Yes, cradle , missing the tree and " jærkrakken " .
.....(plus floor ; o).

10.: No, in 1994 the painting was priced at kr.9.900,
.......while the following year had a price tag of

11.:Yes, in Santa hat placed, he noticed a
......with the text voting no, in order to point towards
......the other EU referendum , which was held in Norway
......the year the painting was painted in 1994.

12.: Yes , the painter knows that the image has been featured
.......or shown (or both) in:
.......Bergens Times ( 26/01/95)
.......Stavanger Aftenblad ( 11-05 - 95)
.......and Agder ( 30/01/95).

13.: Yes, in Stavanger Aftenblad 16 May 1995.

14.: Reidar Berge was the artist.

15.: The answer is 10 colors

16.: Yes, he has , but it was as a
.......experiments  ; o).

17.: Yes, bl . otherwise he made ponds coatings , plaster and
.......chalk priming and painting media such as black oil.
.......The painter was for some years the shareholder in KEM,
........which made it easier for him to buy the necessary
........materials. The artist also states that the pharmacist
........Bryne had or could obtain some of the
........" remedies " he needed.

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