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Title. “This is not the model of Stavanger´s new opera”

To the right do we have a member of the family bottle. Sure, we talk about Smuggler ace. The sculpture leave my attic studio, for many years ago, for trying coming with in an panel of judges exhibition, as she say. Since then have the sculpture not been to see, but I get a tip that “Ace” reside south in the county.
I have now get a photo, from the photographer
Mr. Goyrub, as shown me just that.
If you live in the south area and come across Smuggler ace please tell she is welcome to my next exhibition, even without passing an panel of judges exhibition first.

Title: Smuggler ace keep going on.

*A shot by photographer Mr. Goyrub, from south in Rogaland.

Note by Renmon
* This picture was also within  mr. Goyrub´s famous show  inside the down dived bottle message in Kristiansand.
In the art magazine The Tomorrow Art wrote, this time, the magazine´s  art critic Monman: "Goyrub has here, as every artist today seems to do, mixed his paintings and photos." and he continue to wrote:" If  Mr. Goyrub role model  LDV (Leonardo Da Vinci) was living today and where exhibitor  in this show is I sure he only had include his pure digital photo works and not any painting or other mixed works." quotation end.
Some times later do an  journalist, visit Goyrub for a interview.
Mr.Vinmun, the journalist, do then ask Goyrub about he agree in the criticism by Monman.
Goyrub answer: "Both no and yes. The no first: I remember the musican group Aha showing a video, where drawing and movie was mixed, but I have in fact so far not been able to see every artist mix artwork as oil painting and watercolour with photo, as I was doing in that exhibition.
The yes one is regarding Monman´s commentary about my role model. LDV should probably  today only working with digital artworks and not brushes or paints, but I am not sure LDV had been an artist at all. I think he had been working as an  researcher and engineer, only, ;o) and he should  then probably working hard to resolve the global heating and to utilize energy from the earth heat."
So fare Goyrub
Dear visitor, have a nice day ;o) and thanks for coming inside my corner.

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