Photographer GoyRub, with photo, from  Sola beach

Title: Smuggler Ace and her´s assistant, The black sheep in family five, at work.

Alias:"Ace among steel men" and "The princess and the dwarfs"  

Photographer Goyrub keep on sending me letters, with revealing info, about “Ace´s operations.
I think we here have an old photo from early in Ace´s career.
Do you now Smuggler Ace´s top secrets?
While all these other humans you see here, belong to the big family Gormley, nearly a hole Spanish armada of sculptures, is “Ace” quite alone out there. (Her´s assistant belong also to a bigger family, namely family five.)
The reasons: “Ace” was meting a cold shoulder, from the panel of judges, when she trying to enter one exposition south in Norway.
Also the buddy of Hauge, as love to travel around and gather bottles, get a new hobby.
Now you know why Ace is without brothers as football fan and other,
as from first of was planned to be made.
Please, “Ace” will like if you keep this info clandestine.

Have a fine day