Odd K. Hauge on Flickr

I joined Flickr year 2009 and become pro member April 2010.
As of today, 14 February 2017 I have uploaded 14625 photos and 4 videos.
Of the photos is 10512 visible to everyone.
The photos are otherwise sorted into nine collections, which together have 43 different albums.

Something more about the collections and albums:

Collection no. 1: "Animals"

has an album with 97 horse photo.

Collection no. 2:"Art"

has six albums with photos from: Berlin (100), Italy (63), Krakow (115), Paris (110), Portugal (182) and Prague (148). Latest album in this collection themes the Web and Design (361).

Collection no. 3: "Flowers

has an album of 687 photos.

Collection no. 4: "Natural"

has an album of 23 photographs of clouds.

Collection no. 5: "Norway"

include: "City albums": Bergen (212), Grimstad (59), Oslo (711) Sandnes (132), Stavanger (196) and ´┐Żlesund (97)."Public albums": Ha (1001), Klepp (189) Time (958).The "Regional albums": College (191), Dalane (108), Haugalandet (337).The album Norway has 76 photos from locations in Norway not included in the aforementioned albums.The album "From the air" is also included in this collection and has 25 photo.

Collection no. 6: "Public transport"

has an album with 88 photographs of airplanes and helicopters.

Collection no. 7: "Sorting"

has albums: Foto Art (660), Florence May 2016 (681 "), sorting (3).

Fra Firenze 2016

Collection no. 8: "Travel"

has the following 11 Albums:"City albums": Berlin (740), Krakow (558), London (69), Paris (277) Prague (364). "Country albums": countries without their own albums (21), Italy (1001), Japan (33), Portugal (1308). "Region albums": Gotland (334) Outside Prague (9).

Collection no. 9: "Private photo"

has albums: Visby (272) Visiting Bryne (33), Fameli Hauge (3771) and Home Bryne (33).

Number of photos in albums, mentioned over here, is often shown in parentheses. Today is now also 110 of my photographs displayed in 73 galleries belonging to other members of Flicker. Such is possible because I have chosen to use a license setting that allows others to use my photos in their galleries.
Unfortunately, I think there are fewer now has such a license setting than when I even created my first gallery for other members' photos. Today I have 180 galleries with just under 9,000 photos from other Flickr members, on my corner. Of my photos, on Flickr, has now 13,346 been seen and 1,179 has been commented. 7002 of my photography has also been selected as favorites and one has been chosen for shown in Flickr Eksplore.

Will round off with an appeal to you to sit all my photos on Flickr a visit, whether they now find themselves in my photo stream, in albums, in galleries or groups.
Welcome also back to my corner here on Brave Host to read more about the subject OKH on Flickr.