The Family Five and Smuggler Ace wish you all A Merry Christmas!

When our family (Family Five) was seeing, on TV, about the coming sculpture park in Oslo, by Christina Ringnes and about Petter Amundsen, as solve a riddle regarding the Shakespeare, become we so enthusiastic so we at once start climbing on a building. Smuggler Ace, as generally have cigarettes where the camera ought to stay, not so this day, perpetuate that action and happily for us all to enjoy. To the right can you see me just behind the Xmas, where I nearly hidden Goyrub. The photo of “Ace” ,down left, is by Goyrub. I do not think “Ace” is a golfer, but suggest the golf club holder is useful for Smuggler Ace in any case.

Cheers from Family Five and Smuggler Ace

by journalist Vinmun

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