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May Month Photo 2005

Collage with motives from our Bryne garden.

Title:The Norwegian May collage.´ Copyright © 2005,Odd K. Hauge. All right reserved.

This month do I try an collage software and I suggest you already have guess that.
This collage count photos from our garden in Bryne.
The software tip this month is:
Xibit Maker
This is an photo album software with 16 theme 
+ you can customize color and layout.

Calendar 2005 content: (Mounth no.: software tip/The month photo title.)

1.:Picasa2/Sail along silver moon, 2.:Image eye/The Swans, 3.:Dup  Detector/From
Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon, 4.:11 View/On  Eexhibition,   5. :Exibit  Maker/The
Norwegian May collage, 6.:Fast Stone Image Viewer/Painter in his  studio,   7. :
Pictoscope/Hieronymus Bosch, 8.:Visere/The National Gallery in Oslo,   9. :Media
Purveyor/The ZlataLot Narodni 37, 10.:Digibook/Outside Hyde  Park,   11. :Chees/
The brown bruch, 12.:YoPoW/The star.

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