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January Month Photo 2006

The bird photographer

Title: Twisted 90 degree. Copyright 2006, Odd K. Hauge

Welcome to the Month Photo Calendar 2006, on haugeod.dk

Beside to show you a picture each month, will the software tips continue.

The first software tip this year Is Album Burger:

You can see how I use it in  some of my shots from nine towns/cities in Portugal, 
sorry this album is out now, but why not make one for yourselves?

What I like with this software is that one can arrange the photos around in the album pages
as we earlier use to do within our paper photo albums.
 I recommend you to test this program yourselves, sure you will like it.
A tip at last: In the contex menu (Just right click)
will you find some links to other year of The Month Photo Calendar.

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