February Month Photo 2007

Odd K. Hauge paint on Gotland

Summer in Gotland 1987

I was searching for a photo by my wife, when I was painting
an ruin church in Gotland, do I tell you in the January month photo.

Well, I really recover that photo, too, as you can see here above.
This photo was shot the first year we visit Gotland in 1987.

Gotland is a beautifully island and we visit this paradise  latest in 1994.
In this  wintertime with darkens, storm and rain,
do I like to look at photos like this above here and awake good memories.

If you now jet have fixed your summer holiday for 2007,
 can I strongly recommend you a summer holiday to Gotland.

If you want to see more photos, with the motive of where I paint,
 can you see that

From Gotland by Odd K. Hauge