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The Home page for Family Five and Smuggler Ace

By and about Family Five members and “Ace”:

Bronze relief and linoleum print, by Odd K. Hauge plus foundation info about The Family Five

Smuggler Ace keep going on was also within Mr. Goyrub´s famous show inside the down dived bottle message in Kristiansand.

Goyrub with revealing photos from Paris regarding Smuggler Ace and The Black Sheep in Family Five.

Photographer show here revealing info, about Ace´s fishy operations, with his photo of Smuggler Ace and the black member of Family Five on Sola beach.

Nearest a pure poster page for the exhibit in Gallery Odhelis, Egersund, by Odd K. Hauge. Also you can here see how graffiti look like on OKH´s own painting from Visby.

A little about Odd K. Hauge´s working life and much about the exhibit in Gallery Odheli´s

The journalist Vinmun believe The Black Sheep, in Family Five, has don a joke with the free advertisement in Stavanger Aftenblad regarding Odd K. Hauge´s exhibit in Gallery Odheli´s in Egersund, after a tip by Goyrub

Email from Goyrub in Egersund with three more photos from Berlin, where he follow “Ace” and hers friend through Christmas market and museum.

Vinmun collecting lots of painting testes in the attic studio by OKH and tell how and why Hauge make testes as these shown there on the attic floor.

Still on Norwegian yet.

You can here see what selection of paints OK Hauge was trying when he determined to go for water-based oil colour, for some years ago.

Congratulate Barack Obama, from Family Five, and also links to other of their pages on this corner.

We have here on rare occasions, as a photo by Smuggler Ace. Tip also about coming sculpture park in Oslo and about solution on an old Shakespeare secret. Last, but not less a Merry Christmas to your all from Family Five and “Ace"

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