August Month Photo 2007

In October Month Photo 2006 do I write:

Later on do I hope to show you some shoots, by me, of artists I have meet on our travel too. and here bellow are some of these:
Of course do I not take photos of all artist I meet, when travel, but if a picture say more than 1000 words can you maybe get
an idea from these shoots, regarding painting, drawing and exhibition out
in the open.

Artists out in the open


In Visby, was it in 87, 88 or 94, sorry, but I am not sure, do I meet this Swedish artist and
you can here clearly see the motive he is painting, namely
a charming street scene. This artist was painting with
acrylic color and he seems to combine
the painting and exhibition/selling paintings.
This artist carry on his own easel and he was standing in shadow.


This young man from USA, as I meet in Rome on Capitol hill in 1997, was painting an watercolor painting.
The motive here was an old church against an clear blue sky and the artist was paint with these well-known handmade watercolor from St. Petersburg.
Travel a long way it is practical too carry light and to use what it is to use on the place where the motive is. I think the bottle of water, you see here, was both for drinking and painting.


She is here drawing on an popular meting/rest place just
in the center of Porto city and the year is 2004.
I want not to intrude her in a good drawing,
but the main motive here is probably people.
As you see it is absolutely possible to draw with
the sketch book on the thigh and even out of the shadow.


I meet this Portuguese artist last summer In Tavira and Faro.
I do not see this joyful man painting, only selling,
but I suggest he use acrylic in his paintings.
Look, it is possible to exhibition paintings
strait down on the paving stone.
These blue pictures, you here see on the right,
is works on tiles.


From outside of Hyde Park in London
and I think the year is 1992
. It was a Sunday and
many painters seems to exhibit theirs picturestogether there .


On Charles Bridge seems it always to be some working artists.
This photo is a shoot from our first
visit in this beautiful City in 1996.

This artist use a separate chair for his
pastels and he protect his eyes

from the strong sun.