Shot by Goyrub

Shot by Goyrub

Shot bu Goyrub

I have not  come across Smuggler Ace or hers friends, the black sheep in family five, say Goyrub in his email to me from Egersund, but instead  do I here send you three more shots from Berlin, where they both is displayed.
Thanks Goyrub, "Ace" carry on to surprise me. In the photo at top do it look as "Ace" is disguised as an angel
while "The black sheep" extinguisher the starlight ( top left).
In these photos at bottom have we some shots from a museum in Berlin, well-known  for the dark room, as natural "the black sheep" had to visit. While "the black sheep" here trying to turn off the only light as is to be
seeing there do I think "Ace " say: " I mean it is to much concrete and to little of windows here."
The entry security for this museum is online with these one can look at on airports,
but after these revealing shots by Goyrub is it easy to see
it is needed.
the journalist Vinmun

Dear visitor, have a nice day ;o) and thanks for coming inside my corner.


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