About the "tagging" and considerations of painting in Berlin

The East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery maleri taggfjernet
The East Side Gallery maleri med tagging

Such as "graffiti" out before I removed all the tagging, in the photo.

Let us omit the "tagging" at the end and go to the comments.

My immediate perception is that there is a relationship between two people, more particular between a man and woman, which is the theme. See how easy and compelling artist has illustrated the difference between man and woman. The woman he described as having light skin (5A) red lips and long eyelashes (6A) The man he described as having darker skin (5B) slightly paler color on the lips and short eyelashes (6B). Man and woman on the left were enough on each side of the wall (1B), as it stood.
See how easy the artist has expressed their sadness, turning the bow line (3B), in their mouths, so that the mouth pointing down plus the eyebrows is a straight line (4B). The distance between them, the artist simply anskueligjort, turning back of the head against each other, so that the lips are far apart (2B). The pair of right living without walls, illustrated with blåfarve (1A) and mouths almost touching. That they are happy getting an immediate impression of the artist has turned munnbuelinjen, so that the mouth is turned up, to smile (3A) while he also has a nice eyebrows arch up the middle.
Feel free to also notice hvorda artist has made use of the contrast between light and dark value. The man's mouth and øyenvippers light tone against a dark complexion and dark woman's rank on the lip and eye lashes against his bright hudvalør.
The artist has not found it necessary to include the ears (7), something you do not miss?
Of course I could be discussed more, for example. why the artist has given the romfordelingen, as he has done, the two pairs and why he has placed the case, and not vice versa? (Right / left) Follow like to outline, from nose to upper lip, the two ladies, do you see any difference? Let your example. Note that I had arrived in damage to remove a bit of contour of the nose to the man on the left? What title would you provided on this picture? Buyer ye name:
"Before and after the fall of the wall"? Yes, the theme is shown much, but now say stop.
However, I hope that the things I have just pointed out, will get some of you to look at the paintings the next time you consider works of art and try to understand
tools artists use. I wonder if that would also mean that you then and get the enjoyment of art?
Final Comment:
Personally I think this picture shows well that the smaller, often, more.
Should these comments in any way offensive, I hereby ask the artist, so much, about forgiveness.
"Tagging", hm!
Well, one should not throw stones when sitting in glass houses, they say yes.
Although I began with "tagging" as small, by tearing down books from the bookshelf and "skrable doodles" in the book's pages. However, it was the sudden end, but after my visit to Berlin this summer, I have begun to "tag" on their own painting: o). Good football players are often "whistled" at by opposing fans. Maybe they were artists, who get their paintings nedtagget, take it as praise? If the pictures covered with Plexiglas for example, would probably also be tagged, but maybe it was less time consuming to remove them and put up new plexiglass? Surveillance cameras would probably had a good deterrent effect, but also a costly solution. In Singapore there are strict laws against chewing gum (littering). Maybe it should be fine given to them as tags on the pictures in "The East Side Gallery"? Above the photos, who do not want tagging, set up a patch with f.eks.følgende text: "Tag me and you have to pay for the removal yourself." These images had also been monitored by camera.
Tagging or not, anyway, so it is difficult to understand the tools artists use, when their paintings are nedtagget and thus becomes the joy of art experience eliminate, but "HEIA FIRE" (eg the tagging there) maybe can even be fun?
Sure, maybe for some visitors, such as in the example here. possibly some fire suportere and tagger myself,
but "unlikely" for most visitors or artist of original work.

If someone other than me, has "tagged" on the picture I have painted?
Yes, it happened, but it's a completely different story.
Maybe I tell it another time.
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Thanks for visiting and welcome back.
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