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Odd K. Hauge

By  Vinmun januar 2011

(Link to this page, with Norwegian language, Odd K. Hauge by Vinmun.)


Odd K. Hauge was born in the middle of last century in the municipality in Rogaland, where the Jante law is said to be buried. In 1967 - 1968, when Hauge was drawing in the body for fisheries inspection vessels, farm (duck), he painted his first oil painting. Until 1977, when Hauge again took up oil painting, he was most creative with photography, drawing and filming. When Odd K. Hauge debut solo exhibition in 1983, it had already been 21 years since the start of his mechanic apprenticeship and he had otherwise been working as, mechanic, custom work, lubrication, engine man, stoker, engineer, computer assistant, engineer, solemachinist, designer, tool designer, sales engineer, project engineer and set sea legs of 9 vessels.


Hauge said even though his education as a painter: "In light of the work I have done with their experiments, the copying of other artists' paintings and in relation to the total elapsed time of our own studies, I believe it is correct to say that I am self-taught as templates. However, more people, especially artists, have been of great help. Especially, the drawing course at the Art College Rogaland, drawing course with the artist Tor rd Sorensen and the study with the artist Tim Havers FRSA significant. steward in Stavanger Art Association was also enriching. He gave one different picture criticism and other relevant information for self study. An assistant professor at the District School in Stavanger increased my insight into modern art history. Literature Tips, for self-study, from a teacher at the National Art Academy and the artist Einar Granum, I would not be without. " So far, Odd K. Hauge, of his education as a painter.
Separate and joint exhibitions

Hauge has participated in approx. 24 painting exhibitions and four photo exhibitions, ie a total of approx. 28 exhibitions. By painting exhibitions have been 10 separate. One of these was held in an Art Society and three others in the galleries off line. Among the common painting exhibitions he has participated in has been jurierte 3 and one of the other joint exhibitions, he was self-initiative taker to. Regarding Hauge's photo shows, these are the type of "sharing photos" online and here he believes the shows that show on his own website is considered private exhibitions. A more detailed description of all the exhibitions discussed here you can see by following the three links in this section.
Paintings by Odd Hauge K has been shown in 12 art associations and it is reasonable to assume that the painting of him, in Norway, is in private ownership from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south and east from Oslo to Stavanger in the west. It is also reasonable to assume that it is the work of Hauge in Sweden, Prague, Portugal, Denmark and Germany. Some work of Hauge's company bought by art associations, but most of the private sector.
Study Tours and outdoor painting

Odd K. Hauge has studied art in the following countries / cities:
Norway, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Krakow, Prague, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal, and he has painted in the following countries / cities: Norway, Portugal, Prague, Rome, Berlin and Sweden.

Studio and portraits

Although Hauge like to paint outdoors and has taken home some of their "portrait models" he had a period from mid-1980's to the beginning of the 1990s, separate room for portrait painting. However, its loftsatelie in Bryne, which he adopted in 1977, he uses even today.
Speaking of portraits, former Finance Minister Gunnar Berge, the former football player Arne Larsen Økland and former Member of Parliament, Ole Gabriel Ueland is probably among the more famous people as OK Hauge has portrayed, but Hauge's series of "Family Five" will probably stand as his "Mona Lisa ": o).
Other techniques

Hauge has also experimented with other forms of expression, including linotrykk, modeling with clay, sculpture with bottles (Smuggler Ace) and Web design. Ps.: Odd KH do not claim to be self-taught as a Web designer. You can find more about this on the odd peacock's page (HOME).
Hauge and of the opinion that good stock now long been regarded as a "housebroken" art and photography fering is a technique he likes to practice on their studie/ferie- travel.

Associations and memberships

Odd K. Hauge has been a member of:
The South Eastern & International Federation of Art Societies 1982
The Artists'Book Club from March 1981 to August 1989
Art Perspective Rogaland, Stavanger, 88, 89, 90 and 1991
Ålgård photo and narrow Film Society 81, 82 and 1983
Bryne fotoklubb 1981
Today Hauge a member of NITO, a membership that started in 1975, and Bryne Photo Club.

Teacher of painting and drawing

In the period 1984 - 1997 Hauge i taught drawing and painting at Friundervisningen in Time and Hå and at People's University Jæren, totaling 11 years. In 1990, he taught also at a course in watercolor painting at Sandnes Friundervisning.

Prices, premiums, etc.

In competition with other newspapers in the defense won the Farm (and) no Albert statuette in 1967, which evidently had happened earlier, but the issue of the body was positively reviewed for its
lightly dressed ladies drawings. OKH got 3 premium Ålgård Photo and Film Society's narrow årskonkurranse in 1982
(Monthly competition results on aggregate)
In 1987, Hauge received the award from the Council and Halden Halden Arbeiderblad the occasion of a competition to draw the fortress.
In 1991, Odd premium Stabburet am car decoration contest and the same year he also Nidar Bergene diploma for his efforts in the Kinder-surprise competition.


Odd K. Hauge celebrating 10 years online, 2010, because he got his first online gallery in 2000, on Geocities. Hauge's main Web Gallery called Gallery today Odd's Eye and included in his index Odd's Corner. This page has hauge.nl domain and it has since 2000 been a link to the page from http://kunst.kulturnett.no (first year at the gallery on Geocities).

Afterword by Odd K. Hauge

Vinmun, a member of the Family Five, hope their letter will be of interest to any holders of work signed by me and with no or minimal knowledge of my artistic excesses. He believes however that no worker should leave my studio without such a type is attached. Vinmun, which I think was a nice idea, and thanks for that, but your predictions about my "Mona Lisa" I'm somewhat more concerned: o).
Wallpapers: Odd K. Hauge standing here outside the cathedral in Oporto, and a watercolor painting of the cathedral as a motive. Sorry, this is just one of the jokes to the Black Sheep in the Family Five.