Jubilee, 10 year, for Odd´s Corners  2010

The free pages I started with, for 10 years ago, is now ended.
 In fact also some other free pages and even one paid page is history now.
The domain name  hauge.info do not either belong to me anymore.
In this jubilee year is hauge.nl the domain most used by me,
but  still is also hauge.ws in some use too.
My corner is now hosting on  web10.nu and the  traffic  is lesser than it was before the  move from  CMS Hosting, Masterhosting and IPowerweb.
On this page in The Month Photo from 2005 can you see the countries these visitors then was coming from.
When  my corner obtained most visitors was it around 100 flag in the "flag counter ",
 but I do then promotion my site with help of some good  company as: Inktomi, Sitesollutions, Searchenginerankingservice and Ineedhits.
If you send me email to oddkh@hotmail.com do I think it will work.
From Berlin He invite you to Charlottenburg Castle
This gentleman do I shoot in Berlin, outside a castle,
where he sell tickets to a good old music evening, inside the castle.
This photo, with some modifications by  black sheep in Family Five, was displayed on  the corner front page last year.  I now plan, in this Jubilee year, an photo album for displaying photos as over some years have been there on the front,  but as is absent now. Sorry, but the Black Sheep, in Family Five, have hidden this page, as a joke, and Vinmun is now trying to get it back.

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